Guideline to website design

Guideline to website design in Kathmandu, Nepal (make website for your business)

Why you need website for your business?

1.To increase sales of your business 

Making your website for business makes your product or services possible to be visible from any part of the world. This helps your product and services reach to more people, which will help you to sell your product outside your business locality. This ultimately leads to increase in your customers and sales.

2.Show your product in search engine 

Having a website is always advantage when it comes to display your product in search engine like (google and bing). To show your product in search engine there are different steps. Some of them are Keyword research, competitor analysis, page optimization, link building, backlinks, e.t.c. Having a website always make easy to do search engine optimization of your business product and services.

3.Collect visitors data 

Visitors data and information like age, gender, likes, dislikes are very important when it comes to doing business online. This helps to understand customers and modify your product structure according to customers needs. You can easily gather visitors data after making website through google analytics. From google analytics you can :

  • Know where are your best visitors located
  • Know what people are searching in your site
  • Identify your worst performing page and many more

3.Do google ads

In context of Nepal 96% search is done in google. With the google ads you can list your product at the top of search result. You just need to select some particular keywords related to your business. While someone type that keyword in google your website link will be displayed in the top. Google ads only reach to those people who are interested in those particular keyword. This increase the potentiality of converting visitor into customers. Also, google ad is not so expensive compare to its benefits.

How to make website in Nepal ?

To make website you need 3 things.

1. Domain Name

A domain name is the address of your website. A domain name is used for finding or identifying your website on the Internet. Domain should always be unique. In Nepal .np domain is free (but need to submit document) while .com domain cost around Nrs 1200 per year. Find your new domain at

2. Hosting

All the data and information used to make your website are stored known as hosting. The company providing these service are web hosting providers. Selecting good hosting provider is essential because it effect your website speed. For normal website under 200 mb disk space it cost around Nrs 3000 per year hosting(The cost may vary with other factor).

3. Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is from where you make pages, write post, publish product for the website. Using CMS is easy, you can master it with getting used to it with little tutorials or you can find someone to manage it for you. Some of famous CMS are :

  • WordPress.
  • Wix
  • Opencart
  • Shopify, etc

Where to pay attention while making website for your business ?

When making website make sure your website include these 3 things.

1. Domain name

 Choose domain name that you don’t have to change again in future . The best domain name is easy to remember, simple and represent your business. Domain name is like brand, changing it will effect your website ranking or you may loose your customers.

2. Speed

While making website be aware about website speed. Try to make your website as speed as possible. It will not only help for visitors good experience but also play role in increase google or other search engine ranking. Everyone loves fast website.


Make your website attractive as possible. While making website with good appearance don’t forget make it easy to use for visitors. Visitors likes the site that is easy to use, and looks good.

How to promote your site after making website?

1. Set up google analytics

Google analytics helps to track the visitors behaviour while visiting your website. Through analytics you can know most visited page or product, age of the visitors, where are your best visitors located, what people are searching in your site, worst performing page. Use these data and information for making your promotion plan.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing search engine make your web pages appear on top of search result in google, bing, etc. There are many ways to optimize the search engine. Some of them are:

  • Link building
  • Backlinks
  • Crawling
  • Indexing, etc.

3.Get your site noticed through social media

Share your website content like page, product, blog post from social media like facebook page, instagram, etc. This helps to introduce your business product or services to more peoples. More sharing is also increase backlinks which increase website ranking.

4.Monitor your site progress

Analyze whether the visitors in your website have increased or decreased. You can do this with the help of google analytics. Also with the help of google analytic you can find the weak or strength point of your business. Checking your website progress on certain intervals helps to plan your new strategy.

5.Update your content regularly

Regularly updated content provide chance to introduce new things about the product related to your business. This not helps your customers or visitors but also play important role in increasing your website ranking in search engine like google.

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