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Seo guideline Nepal

Seo guideline, Want be on the top of search result ? 

Seo guideline by Himal Web

The basic seo guideline is presented below follow this link ( . Meanwhile explain the best about seo.


Crawl simply means discovery of new content by search engine and analyze it. Content may be web page, video, pdf, image. Googlebot uses an algorithmic process to crawl web pages. Subsequently, Googlebot visits web pages and adds them to its list of pages to get crawl. 


 Indexing means the web page is eligible to show up in Google’s search engine results. Therefore, the web page being crawled does not necessarily mean it have been indexed. Find your web page indexed or not by googling site :yourdomain\, e.g


You can index it by submitting sitemap in google search console if you found that some of the web pages are missing. Follow this link for tutorial.

Also for better search result fill meta tag description.


So, do you want to get on top in search result. Google always focus on providing useful answer to searcher question in good format. Backlink is the link of your website (site A) that have been put in other website (site B). Backlink is done for referral, sharing blog, testimony, etc. Therefore, more genuine backlink is factor for increasing your website ranking. Similarly, there are also other factor like website speed, internal link, etc for good ranking in google search result.

White hat seo vs Black hat seo 

White hat seo is the technique and strategies followed by search engine rules and regulation.

Black hat seo is the technique and strategies which spam and fool search engine. .

 you will be punished by search engine, once search engine have identified you have been spamming and fooling them. Therefore, you should be very careful choosing seo expert or agency.

Do and don’t for SEO 

What to do?

  • Make web pages for visitors not for search engines.
  • Always put genuine information
  • Make your page attractive and easy to understand

What not to do?

  • Never copy past content to your website
  • Don’t put hidden text or links.
  • Avoid tactics like buying links or participating in link schemes

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