seo and digital marketing in nepal

SEO & Digital Marketing

Seo and digital marketing in Nepal

Seo and digital marketing in Nepal paly important role in introducing your product to market in modern world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are certain unethical tricks to make search engine fool and make your website appear at the top of  search result. But these trick don’t work for too long. Google can detect these type of unethical tricks and can punish your website by decreasing ranking in search result. Thus, being aware of not using unethical tricks is very important.

Always select the companies that uses genuine, long term, legal tricks technique for your search engine optimization.

How SEO helps grow your business?

People search the products and services in the search engine like google, bing, yahoo, youtube, Hence, They engage with the search result displayed in the screen.  When people are satisfied with the product or services that is displayed through search result, they immediately contact the seller and purchase it.  

When you get your website in front page of search result, the more engagement of customers with your product. Than there is more chance that you increase your sales. 


Digital Marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing is marketing through facebook ad, youtube ad, google ad, etc. In context of Nepal, citizens are not allowed to open master card, international debit/credit card from the Nepali bank. Lucky people can use international debit/credit card, master card, paypal with the help of friends and families living abroad. But everyone do not enjoy these services. So Himal is here to assist you to market your business digitally.

Digital Marketing can help a lot for your business by introducing your product and services to more people through paid advertisement.

Himal web provides Seo & digital marketing in nepal

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