(7) tips Hotel Restaurant website design development in Nepal 2021

  1. Understanding your costumers

Nowadays, people have started to search your restaurant online and end up in your website. The target of your Hotel Restaurant website design development should be for existing customers and new customers. To make a reservation, a returning client will likely be seeking for the quickest path to a menu, instructions, or phone number. Therefore make sure the information is easily available.

New customers are shopping around comparing your restaurant with other. If the new customers begin enjoining your website than the new website visitors will be transferred to customer or refer to other. Meanwhile your restaurant website is the face of your brand. As a result, the design of your restaurant website should be creative and interesting to your consumers.

2. Display necessary information

  • Menu

The first thing customer want is to see the menus. Make sure that your menus are displayed clean and clear.

  • Online ordering system

Make sure that your website have online ordering functionality. Moreover, the online ordering should be simple and easy to use for customers

  • Social media button

Link your social media pages to website. In addition include a Call-to-Action encouraging them to follow you on social media. Some of the strategies to get users to click on your Social Media icons are to say things like, “Like us on Facebook.”

  • About Us

An engaging About Us page that highlights your restaurant’s origins, team, and principles will stimulate your consumers’ attention. Make sure your restaurant website design development includes an About Us section.

The sample demo image of restaurant website is attached below

  1. Think as if website visitor is visiting your hotel

When someone visits your website, they are entering your virtual environment, and the presentation of your site will influence how they perceive the quality of your food, location, and service. Make sure your website is great because it is a customer’s initial impression of your complete company.

  1. Include clear message about food you are serving

Provide exact information what your restaurant is serving. So, don’t leave it up to your visitors to figure out what kind of restaurant you are. Moreover providing correct information also helps in search engine optimization of your site.

  1. Photos and videos

The best tool in your digital marketing toolbox is high-quality photographs. It can reveal a lot about your environment, food and many more. Most importantly the professional video link attached to website can provide in depth information about your hotel, restaurant.

  1. Usability

The usability of website should be easy and simple for visitors. Easy usability function is liked by almost all visitors. Therefore it adds value to website. Hotel and Restaurant website design development should include these function.

  1. Mobile friendly

Most of the visitors use mobile device for searching restaurants, hotels. Therefore, the website should be mobile responsive. That is to say, mobile unfriendly site is less attractive compared to mobile friendly sites.


Does it appear to be a significant amount of effort? Himalweb is a professional web design firm can take care of everything. Himal Web do professional photography, videography of your location. This helps adding value to your website and brand that attracts new customers as well as satisfies existing ones. Website is the most important part of any modern marketing effort. Therefore it is critical to get it right from the start.

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