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Classified website

A classified site is a place where buyers and sellers interact directly. On websites, you may place an ad to sell anything online. Therefore, buyer will contact you. In other words, classified sites serve as a middleman between buyers and sellers.You can utilize a classified site to buy or sell used and new things or services online.

The classified website is completely free. Likewise, enabling costumers to buy and sell their new products. as well as their used materials easily. This ( has a wide range of products including agriculture products, fashion wears, electronics, mobile phones, home appliances, bikes and many more.

Model of Business:

A person can place an advertisement on a classified website, and buyers and sellers can contact one other and complete transactions. Classified wites will handle any transactions between buyers and sellers .

Model of Revenue:

  • Ads from Google or other sources
  • Paid advertising – they may charge a fee to upgrade your ad or as a listing fee!

Classified Website in Nepal

Nepal is developing country. As a result, there is still has problems regarding the communication between buyers and sellers. Lack of proper online classified websites. The new website is introduced to the people of Nepal. As a result, they can easily buy or sell their product.

The website has an extra services where an individual can advertise their business of service. Service may be decoration, driver, home service e.t.c. If a company has to post their job vacancy, it can now be done through Classified website. Like every other company, website is introduced by group of young individuals to solve the problems of proper e-commerce website in Nepal.

Himal web always encourage and serve as best as possible for people with new ideas. Therefore helps improve people life with the help of technology.

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